Apr 182016

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Robert Randall Productions
Contact: Jennifer West
(858) 633 – 8160

For Immediate Release

San Diego, CA (April 18, 2016) — Robert Randall Productions announced today that they are casting elite, professional and semi-professional athletes for their upcoming documentary film and large format photography book featuring extreme athletes from around the US and Internationally.

“Direct Experience” will follow each athlete through they’re training regimen, physical and mental preparation and culminate in a dramatic visual profile combining video and still photography. “We are looking moments of peak experience… flow, those moments when an athlete is 1000% invested in their sport and nothing, literally nothing has their attention except the task at hand” said Direct Experience creator Robert Randall.

Announcements with updated imagery and video will posted on the following social media as the project progresses offering athletes additional opportunities to promote their individual brands.

Twitter: @r3randall

Facebook: @r3productions

Instagram: @r3productions

For consideration, please email production@robertrandall.com with the following information : 

First Name/Last Name/Short Bio
Your athletic discipline? [Track & Field, Skiing, Rock Climbing, etc…]
Recent competitions (if any)?
Social Media Links?
Agency (if applicable) I.E. Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited, Wilhelmina Fitness, etc..
Web Site?

About Robert Randall Productions
Robert Randall is a professional advertising photographer & director specializing in fitness, sports, lifestyle, active fashion & beauty photography. As a “location specialist” for over 24 years, his assignments now take him around the world shooting ads for companies like Speedo, Anheuser Busch, Kodak, Nordstrom, Clairol and Lancome and editorial for magazines such as Oxygen, Fit, Glamour and Natural Health.