CW-X Compression Gear Photo Shoot – Fitness Advertising

Here are some more images or our advertising photo shoot for CW-X Compression Gear. We took over the boardwalk in Carlsbad, CA on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and had an awesome day. Our athletes for this shoot were two top Los Angeles models; Silvia Ribeiro and and Jamie Silverman. Make-up, Hair and Men’s Grooming by the always awesome Elleveesa .

Fitness Photographers

It was a crazy day. We had a ton of samples to shoot since we had to get all of Fall/Winter 18 and most of Spring/Summer 19. As such we were in a “run and gun” situation all day long which meant we had to keep equipment to a minimum. I shot with Nikon D750 (to keep the size down) and a AF-S Nikkor 24 – 70mm F2.8G zoom lens and a AF-S Nikkor 70 – 200mm f2.8G ED VR IIexclusively since there was little time to be changing lenses all day.

Fitness Photographer

For lighting we use two Profoto B1X 500 Air Monolights (bare bulb) and a Profoto Air remote handheld by my two amazing assistants; Tom Cisneros and Matthew J Davis (both of whom are amazing photographers). This setup allowed us to work super fast making our way from the boardwalk all the way to Terramar Surf Beach. The high speed sync and using the heads without modifiers allowed us to compete with the sun and produce some beautiful shots.

Fitness Photographer

Thanks again to the City of Carlsbad, CA for letting us take over their boardwalk and shoot up and down the beach. Carlsbad is where I call home. It’s such an amazing place to live and work even though I’m shooting in Los Angeles about 75% of the time.

Fitness Advertising Photographer

Next week we are shooting for CW-X once again but this time in Colorado. We’ve got a two day shoot that includes one day in a killer Cross Fit Gym in the city and another day at a beautiful mountain location. So stay tuned and watch this space…

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