Scenes from a Protest – Denver, May 6th 2020

Last Saturday morning, May 27th 2020 I picked up my cameras and headed to downtown Denver to survey the damage from the night before.  Today was to be the third day of protest for the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police. What remained from the night before didn’t bode well for what what might be coming.

As walked the grounds of the Capital Building I was surprised by the volume of graffiti that littered the walls of the Capital itself, the adjoining walls and statues on the surrounding grounds.  “BLM”, “FTP”, “I Can’t Breath” and many other slogans painted in Red, Black and Green. Renderings of Swastika’s, Confederate Flags and Nooses also filled the walls, evidence that not everyone was there for noble reasons. 

I walked around the grounds for a couple of hours while city personnel cleaned up litter and volunteers showed up lend a hand to the cleanup.  Several other people showed up with their cell phones to photograph the graffiti as well.  I wondered if they were tourists or locals.  One woman was even vlogging her experience. There was also a small contingency of patrol cars and cops filing their reports.  

I would come back a few hours later at 2:00PM expecting a smattering of protestors getting ready for the evening protest only to be greeting by loud whistles and roughy 400 people marching down Broadway. Organized, peaceful, loud but respectful, playing music and chanting in unison.  I stayed until they made their way to the Capital and had their rally and I left as the crowd moved over to the City Building for rest of the day.  

That night and every night since, the protestors have respectfully and peacefully embodied the change they want to see in the country and in the world.  An end to the police brutality of people of color, the end of institutionalized racism and economic equality for all.  Unfortunately, every night their message has been diluted and marginalized due the actions of anarchists, criminals, Nazi’s and White Nationalists in a coordinated false flag operation designed to further divide the country and incite a new Civil War.  It’s all of our responsibility to defeat terrorist groups like the Boogaloo Boys and do our part to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for all. 

What can you do? Start with this…. VOTE!!!!

Here are some images from the day!

This was the scene I first encountered when I got the Capital. One woman, sitting alone reading her book surrounded by graffiti from the night before. Apropos to the moment, she immediately flipped me off.
Across from the Capital these two men are cleaning the damage to what appeared to be a small cafe. The window had been shattered and the area set on fire. I tried to get a decent candid shot but they immediately saw me shooting and posed for the picture.
Officer reporting from location of the cafe featured above. I asked him if he thought things would get worse on Saturday night and he replied “Much Worse”… No kidding!
A couple of protestor I encountered as I arrived in the afternoon. They look pretty dangerous huh?
Please don’t confuse these protestor with the anarchists, criminals and White Nationalists that are looting and destroying property at night.
Another protestor at the Rally at the Capital.
On the streets of Denver cleaning up the broken glass and graffiti.
Protestors marching down Broadway.
Masks and Signs. Risking it all for social change.

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