Nevada, somewhere on I-70… Fine Art Photography by Robert Randall

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The road between Southern California is Colorado are very familiar to me. I-5 to I-15 to I-70. I’ve traveled that route so many times that I’ve lost count. I know every best place to get gas, the best places to take nap, the best time to leave and the best places to spend the night. If I pack my lunch and only stop to get gas I’ve been able to make the trip in 15 1/2 hours without ever going more than 4 miles an hour over the speed limit. Oh, I also know where most of the speed traps are…knock on wood!

In the summertime, if I leave Denver at 4:00AM I know that I can miss the Las Vegas traffic, only have mild traffic from the high desert down into the Los Angeles basin. I can get to Carlsbad early enough to park at my favorite spot and watch the sun set. (BTW, NEVER travel that direction on a Sunday. The 5 hour trip from Las Vegas to San Diego can turn into a 10 hour trip… Believe me… I know!)

It’s a really beautiful trip. From Denver over the Rockies, through Utah all the way to I-15 is pretty amazing. South to Las Vegas has some really gorgeous views as well. Las Vegas? I’ll leave that up to you. Once you it California it’s all desert until LA. I love the desert and except for the insane drivers on that stretch I think its really beautiful (especially in the Spring when most of the desert is green.. yes, green and pretty amazing). The high desert (Victorville, etc…) sucks. Down the Conejo grade into LA traffic is a little hairy until you get back into the swing and once you hit San Diego County and take the 78 to the coast its back to Palm Trees and the Pacific Ocean… Home for me!

The weather is pretty unpredictable sometimes and these two shots were taken last December heading East on I-70 towards Denver. I’m pretty sure this is on the stretch between Richfield UT and Green River UT.