Surfers at Terramar Beach in Carlsbad, CA during Labor Day Weekend

Over Labor Day Weekend I had a rare opportunity to spend the entire day just shooting for myself along the coast in Carlsbad, CA CA.  Usually when I head out for any type of “street photography” I take a short zoom lens but in this case I had just come off of a commercial fitness shoot the day before and I had my Nikkor 70 – 200 2.8 on my D800E so I just decided to use that for the day.  Had a great opportunity to photograph surfers since the four storms out in the Pacific had all the locals in a frenzy.  I hit Terramar Beach late in the afternoon as the sun was getting pretty low in the horizon and was able to get some beautiful images.

I’ve been so busy with assignments lately that I forgot how therapeutic it was to just head out with one body and one lens and shoot whatever came my way.  The long lens gave me a different perspective on my “street photography” and so I will definitely use it again the next time I head out for a day of shooting by myself.

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