Why Personal Branding Photography is so critical for the “Solopreneur”

Being a solopreneur is awesome, really!

Everyday can be the adventure of a lifetime. It’s your vision. You can work when, where and however you want. You can pivot, you can move, you can outsource, automate or take the whole day off. You are completely responsible. You can soar to the heights of success or crash and burn. Make no mistake…. you are “the brand”!

Craig Cooper – Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Author – From our shoot for Craig’s promotional images for CNBC’s Adventure Capitalists

First impressions are everything and as an solopreneur, the public face of your business means you! People buy emotionally! The fact is, great, personal branding photography can massively grow your business and unimaginative, boring, poorly lit, poorly composed photography will certainly hinder your business and possibly damage it irreparably! That photo your friend took of you with their phone out in the driveway is not going to cut it in today’s hyper competitive marketplace, nor is that really nice photo of you at sunset shot in Mexico where you cropped out your significant other.

Custom photography can be a game changer. Creative, beautifully lit visual assets that tell your story can be used over and over again on your web site, press releases, social media, newsletters, e-blasts, sales materials, brochures, speaking engagements and mailers. There has never been a better time to leverage those assets in. The opportunities are almost endless and an investment in high-quality personal branding photography will pay for itself in short order.

You’ve spent a fortune on business cards, letterhead, web sites, office, phones, internet service and CRM. For the solopreneur, quality, personal photography is every bit as critical in differentiating yourself in the marketplace. Maybe more so!


Robert Randall is a professional personal branding photographer working in Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, New York, London and Paris who’s career has spanned 25 years.¬† Contact Robert at rrandall@robertrandall.com or call (760) 652 – 9710 for more information on custom, personal branding photography for your your business! ¬†Visit our web site at: www.robertrandall.com

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